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Get Self Centered! Get Self Centered! Meditation is becoming more popular as medical doctors and the public realize it's not about being a hippy, looking cool or belonging to a certain religious or cultural's about slowing down in a fast paced world and getting comfortable with your self and allowing you to be just without the ego, the trappings of society, or judgment or rules. It's about transforming your mind, body and spirit to exist in the present moment without attachment to the past or longing for the future.
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There are multiple Coaching Methods I use, but basically they are all very similar in some key steps. The first question I typically will ask a client is, are you ready to change? Do you really want it? If not, then now is not your time. I only help those who are willing to dig deep and work through what I like to call ‘growing pains’.

Stepping Back: This encompasses taking an honest assessment of where you are compared to where you want to be. Differentiating your thoughts, feelings and your actions allows you to really ‘see’ the parts you play in everyday relationships and environments. Finding your ‘blind spots’ and your stumbling blocks are crucial to moving through them. Notice I didn’t say go around them. Facing them head on with all their scariness and fear and power (or lack thereof, you will see) allows you to not ignore that ‘thing’ that is preventing you from getting what you want.

Letting Go: Growth requires letting go of the moment in time you feel frozen in, your beliefs attached to it and acquiring something new, whether it be a new skill, a new perspective or a new belief or more commonly all three. In order to let go you must be clear about what you don’t want as well as what you do want.

Say Yes: This is simply saying yes to yourself. Saying yes to new belief systems in order to move forward and towards your goals. Saying yes to your worthiness. Saying yes to success!

Take Empowered Action: You must determine where you are when you make decisions. Are you wallowing in fear, blame, shame or victim-hood? Your outcome will then be predetermined to be ‘bad’. But if you look at a scenario with a fresh new perspective, no longer attached to old belief systems, something miraculous happens. When you learn to make decisions based on love, courage and truth you are no longer shackled by fear, which is really TRUTH on pause. Empowered action is authentic TRUTH in motion. Your outcomes will be predetermined to be ‘good’ even if you initially fail. There is no better way to explain this other than to experience the life-changing results yourself.

Accountability: You have to show up for yourself in order to make success inevitable! Setting up a circle of support and surrounding yourself with amazing people helps set yourself up for success! Actively working to maintain your new level of health or wealth, be it body, mind or spirit is the highlight of this step. It’s also important to acknowledge your journey, the pain, the fears, the laughter and tears to fully appreciate how far you’ve come on your own personal journey of healing.


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